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Our Founder & Owner

Karen Willand


A little bit about me...

I want everyone that goes to an Amchella event or sleepover to experience the same uncontrollable excitement I remember as a child when I went to parties! I want you to fall in love with our balloon décor and installations! I strive to recreate that magic and make sure everyone has a party to remember, creating perfect memories that will last a lifetime!


Thank you for choosing us, I really appreciate it! I can’t believe we are now over 5 years old!


So, a bit more about me…


I am married and have 3 gorgeous children. Beautiful non-identical twin girls and a handsome little dude. When I named my businesses, I wanted them to be names that are personal and meaningful to me. Amchella is named after my children - it is a combination of their names. Can you guess what their names are? And Balloons 11 Co has a nod to my son’s birth year!


I love making lists... that way I never forget anything! (Essential when you have 3 children, a full-time job and two growing businesses, well 3 if you include my husband’s electrical business @sparxxelectrical as well!)


I have over 25 years’ experience in marketing and am passionate about house renovation and interior design.

I adore designing and planning parties and events. Creating the perfect pop-up party that brings a little slice of magic into your home always gets me so excited!

Karen xx

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